Govt. to Launch Income Transfer Scheme for Poor People in India

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The government is looking at an ambitious ‘Income Transfer Scheme‘ for poor people of India, which could be the basis of the national social security system. However, opinion is divided about the fact that it is still to be made on through the Universal Basic scheme to provide assistance or for the most vulnerable segments.This scheme is being considered to reduce the problem of poverty in the country. The announcement of this scheme is revealed in the upcoming budget.

An official said, “the advantages and disadvantages of this scheme will be considered before launching” He said that the benefits reach the right beneficiaries could be a problem under this scheme. In addition, it may incur financial losses. He will take a decision in view of these factors. About 20 million poor people in the country to provide Rs 1,500 crore to the government, it would cost about 3 million. It can be difficult for resource mobilization.

The government wants to bring the on the deficit to 3 per cent of GDP in the financial year 2018. A committee is reviewing its roadmap. However, if the goods and services tax Dimonetaijeshn (GST) from the upcoming launch of the Government’s income increases, this kind of scheme to be in good condition.

Also in the scope of the scheme unemployed is being considered which has no source of income. The idea is of giving money in the hands to a female of the family so it is better utilized. In some countries of the world are already running such schemes. Finland recently to find employment for anyone with a basic income scheme was announced. UK government gives allowance to the unemployed.

Jammu and Kashmir have said it introducing a universal basic income scheme in its budget last week, Jammu and Kashmir will be the first state to do so.

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