Govt. Considers to Credit Rs. 10,000 in Jan Dhan Yojana Nil Accounts

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

After Currency Ban, Central Government is considering to credit Rs.10,000/- in Jan Dhan Yojana Accounts. The plan is to credit money on the basis of giving priority to Central Government’s zero balance accounts. This is likely to be implemented before elections in UP, Goa and Punjab. So the Central Government can avoid potential pitfalls of phrases of depositing of Rs.15 lakh and currency ban.

Currency Ban will not Harm Poor

25 Core accounts were opened under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. Out of these about 5.8 Crore accounts are still running at zero balance. Central Government would have to bear an additional load of Rs. 58,000 Crore, if  they will implement this. According to the experts, after crediting 3 Lakh Crore in RBI account, Central Government wants to give this message to farmers and poor people that the currency ban will also provide the only benefit, before the next Assembly elections in some states.

Jan Dhan would be a Game Changer

This step will be a game changer for the next year’s Assembly elections if Central Government moved in this direction. Being told that BJP wants to take this step to strengthen its position.

The main Agenda is to empower the poor

Senior leaders of BJP said that the main agenda of this step is to improve poor status. If it happens then BJP will be able to strengthen its public support among poor and farmers after winning the next two consecutive elections. However, Bhagva Brand’s political thinkers are worry regarding the currency ban. It is believed that the rural economy is totally dependent on cash. In this situation, the currency ban may become a big loss of the party. Central Government also receives this type of indication from UP , Punjab, and other states.  

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