Government Emphasise to Push Rural Housing for Poor under PMGAY

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On the New Year Eve, PM Narender Modi has announced that the central government will build 33% more houses under the Pradhan Mantri Grameen Awas Yojna (PMGAY). It means that a total 44 lakh new rural houses for poor have to be built in this year. The housing program was earlier named after Indira Gandhi but last November, the NDA government renamed it as Pradhan Mantri Grameen Awas Yojna.

The rural development secretary Amarjeet Sinha said that earlier they had the target of building 3.3 lakh houses. Now the target is revised to 4.4 lakh. But they are confident they will manage. Besides this, the ministry also has to complete its target of finishing 12 lakh incomplete houses across the country.
Amarjeet Sinha said that he admit there can not be any excuse of not fulfilling the objective. Gaps in reaching targets can be a politically risky affair, especially after the PM himself has set a specific goal.
The union government has also announced prizes for district magistrates to push faster construction of houses. Sinha said that those districts in which at least 50% of the target if fulfilled, DMs will be given special awards from the Centre. They are also getting a good response for this program from all states.
The rural housing scheme has also emerged as a key area for employment for the locals. Sensing its potential, the ministry is also providing training programs in masonry, carpentry and plumbing. The centre has an ambitious plan to get 30,000 trained masons by July 2017 in a bid to reap the demographic dividend.
The Modi government had hiked the allotment to Rs 1.32 crore while the UPA government had allotted Rs 82,000 for the construction of a house and a toilet.
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