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Dial-FIR Scheme

Dial-FIR Scheme Uttar Pradesh – Uttar Pradesh Police is ready to launch the first Dial-FIR scheme of its kind in the country where a common man can register FIR only on the phone without having to go to the Police Station. For this, Police is preparing an online dossier of pictures of criminals, which will be provided to police personnel on 22,000 new iPads.

Dial-FIR Scheme Uttar Pradesh

In addition to this, Uttar Pradesh Police is also expanding anti-terrorism and response networks. More than 100 new commandos with special talent are being trained for this, including the first batch of Female Personnel. They said that it aims to strengthen ATS both qualitatively and quantitatively.

According to DGP, the Police Department will soon be launching an e-FIR or Dial-FIR scheme in the state. FIR enforces the law and unless you register a case in the police, your investigation does not begin. The Police Department thought how they can change it and then it has been seen that we get about 20,000 complaints every day on the UP Police Emergency Number 100.

The complaints made on the UP 100 number are of a particular category, such as vehicle theft. Now for any such offense, any emergency number can be dialed and the FIR can be registered on the phone. It will be like regular FIR and people will not need to come to the police station to register the case. The pilot project was successfully conducted in Ghaziabad for two months.

An online dossier of criminals in the state has also been prepared to deal with crime. DGP said that the dossier will be able to resolve any case promptly as the identities of suspects can be made expeditiously.

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