Delhi Shala Sarathi Yojana For the Improvement The Education Level

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Delhi Shala Sarathi Yojana – The Ministry of Human Resource Development in Delhi has introduced “Delhi Shala Sarathi Yojana” in for the improvement the education level. Under the scheme, the help of certified NGO will be taken for better utilization of CSR funds of corporate houses. Ministry has created a website, which will mention the good work of NGOs and programs in the school education sector. Many times they do not know that this money is used. The ministry is in an effort to fill this place.

Details of Delhi Shala Sarathi Yojana

Under this scheme, smart classroom, workbook promoting writing in children, furniture in the classroom, solar project on school roof, CCTV, sports equipment, bring girls back to school, copy of science in children There are many different activities like awakening interest, facilitating math, making laboratories, providing computers, making libraries, projecting.

Delhi Shala Sarathi Yojana

The departmental portal will mention the NGOs who have been working in the field of school education for three years, have spent one crore rupees on school education in two financial years and have registered in India and tax exemptions on donations and 12 A and above 80G certification. The NGO has had a MoU for the work in this area with the government and it has not been banned by any government or its agency.

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A senior official said that the government initiative will have credibility in improving the level of education. The government will certify the NGO and their work. For this reason, the corporate will also be interested in paying the money for this sector. Over 40 NGOs have already come to this platform. The Government’s endeavor is that the list of at least 100 educational programs on this portal will be done on January 15, 2018, making it easy for the corporate to choose their preferred program.

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