Delhi Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme (MSPS) – Revised Rooftop Solar Scheme

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Delhi Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme (MSPS) – Delhi Government has approved the Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme (MSPS) for the people of the state. Under this scheme, the state government will promote the rooftop solar systems by providing subsidy and generation-based incentive (GBI) to domestic the consumers of the state. Under the Delhi revised rooftop solar scheme, the state government subsidy on electricity bills and GBI of Rs. 2 per unit to all the residents who install rooftop solar panels. The state government will continue this subsidy for a duration of five years.

Delhi Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme (MSPS)

Under the Renewable Energy Service Company [RESCO] model, people do not need to spend their money for installing solar panels. This amount will be given by the selected service providers. Apart from this, the disbursement of GBI will now be on a half-yearly basis instead of annually by the discoms. The Delhi Government will pay the distribution companies in the form of compensation for the GBI disbursed.

According to the assessment made by the government, the electricity generated from the solar power plant will cost around Rs 3 a unit and the government will provide subsidy of Rs.2 per unit. In this way, the cost of electricity for the housing society will be around one rupee per unit.

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Delhi Mukhyamantri Solar Power Scheme (MSPS)

The cost of electricity can be even lower according to the group housing society will give space for solar panels. If 150 kilowat of solar power plant is installed on the roof and the society’s expenditure is 100 kW, then the society will get even more benefits. People can also install the solar plants on their homes and the government will provide subsidy of Rs 2 per unit on the electricity generated from the solar power plant on the roof of houses.

The way in which the grid is connected to schools and the other building, in the same way houses will also have the same model. Net metering will be done. Still, people can apply for installing solar power plants to their homes. In the group housing societies, the plant will be set up by the company and for this, the society will not have to pay any money, while on the roofs of houses, the landlord will have to spend the cost themselves for the plant. But the government will provide subsidy.

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