Delhi Government Common Mobility Card for DTC Bus and Delhi Metro

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Finally, Delhi Government has launched Common Mobility Card for traveling cashless in DTC Bus and Delhi Metro in Delhi. This scheme is launched on 08 January 2018 by the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. This scheme is specially launched for the general public who are regularly traveling in DTC Buses. Under this scheme, the people can use their CMC Card for traveling in DTC Bus.

What is Common Mobility Card

Common Mobility Card is a plastic card such as Metro Card which can be used in both Delhi Metro and DTC buses across the city. Delhi Government has started this facility for making travel more convenient. Besides, this facility will promote cashless transaction in the city.

Main Objective of Delhi Government Common Mobility Card

The main objective this card is to make travel more convenient, seamless and cashless.The common mobility card can be used in both DTC Buses and Delhi Metro in Delhi where electronic ticketing system is applicable.

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Delhi Government Common Mobility Card Benefits

  • This service will start from 1 April 2018
  • This card can be used in both DTC buses and Delhi Metro.
  • This CMC card facility will be provided in 200 DTC buses and 50 cluster buses.
  • The CMC card will work on all DTC and Cluster busses in all Delhi.
  • This facility will make easy travel for the residents of Delhi.

Actually, Delhi Government has launched this CMC facility because Delhi Metro is planning to increase metro fares again.

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