Delhi Door Step Delivery Scheme Starting From Next Month | All Services At Your Door Step

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Delhi Door Step Delivery Scheme – The Delhi Government has all set to launch its Door Step Delivery Scheme next month. Under this scheme, the state government will provide various citizen services such as Marriage Registration, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Pension Application etc. at the doorsteps of the people. 

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodiya informed that the Tendering Process has been started for the Door Step Delivery Scheme.

Door Step Delivery Scheme – 40 Government Services Included

The Delhi government added 40 government services in the first phase and 30 new services have been added to it. Under this scheme, 100 services will be brought to the end of August month. About 25 lakh people will be benefitted from the scheme, government services at home will be provided to the public.

Call Centre Employee Will Visit Door to Door

A private company call center will be set up for home delivery through a “Ghar Baithe Sewa Yojana”, in which the consumer will have to give information about him and tell the time of meeting at home. After this, the employee will visit the consumer’s home and provide necessary service by scanning the necessary certificates and papers.

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Delhi Door Step Delivery Scheme – 8 Departments’ Services Will be Included

70 services will now be provided under this scheme. By the end of August, 100 services will be covered. At present, 8 departments’ services will be provided. There will be 40 services of the revenue department i.e. –

  • 11 services of the transport department
  • 3 services of the social welfare department
  • 2 services of the food supply department
  • 4 services of the water board
  • 2 services of labor department
  • 1 service of the law department
Door Step Delivery Scheme – List of Services
  • Marriage Registration Certificate
  • Widow Pension
  • Marriage Certificate of Poor Women’s Daughter
  • Contract Staff Renewal
  • Water Sewer Connections
  • Poor Families Insurance
  • Old Age Disability Pension
  • Family Welfare Scheme
  • Changes in RC Ownership
  • Caste Certificate
  • Original Residence Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Birth Death Certificate
  • Land Records
Online DTC Pass Service

DTC Pass can also be made at home. DTC has made preparations to start the ‘Bus Pass’ service plan by the end of this month, for which you will have to apply online. After the online application, the ‘bus pass’ will be sent to the address. More than 32 lakh passengers travel by bus every day.

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