DDA now planning to build 1,550 studio apartments for retired govt employees in Dwarka

What is the new Studio Apartment Plan Of DDA –

Delhi Development Authority has come up with a plan new for serving Retired Government Employees by providing them studio apartments after their retirement.

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA)  is joining hands with the Indian Navy to develop an old-age home where retired government employees will be offered studio apartments on rent.

Budget of DDA Studio apartment plan will be –

  • This whole project will be of Rs 462 Crore.

Location of Studio Apartments –

  • This new plan for helping Retired Government people will come up in Sector 16, Dwarka.

Number of Houses under DDA Studio apartment Plan –

  • Total number of apartment under this plan will be 1,550 studio apartments, 

How to Rent Studio apartment for Life time – 

  • Retired government officials can rent an apartment for a lifetime by paying Rs 10 lakh and a monthly maintenance

Vice Chairman Speaks on DDA Plan-

                  Officials said this novel model – “DDA will build the complex while the Navy will manage it–would allow elderly people to live with dignity in a homogenous societal group.””Once completed, this will set a new trend. Retired government officials can rent an apartment for a lifetime by paying Rs 10 lakh and a monthly maintenance. The complex will have all the facilities. There are several government agencies which can explore this option,” said Arun Goel, vice-chairman of DDA.

Complete Detail of Studio Apartment to be provided – 

    • Each apartment will be in  550 sq ft over all.
    • Each apartment will be allotted on the payment of Rs 2.2 lakh.
    • Rs 20,000 will be a non-refundable registration fee from the allotment Money .
    • The rest will be collected once the flats are ready.
    • Each allottee will have to pay an additional

>Rs 10,000 every month
>Rs 3,000 as maintenance charges and
>Rs 7,000 to DDA to partially meet the cost of construction.

Other Details of DDA Studio Apartment Project –

The project was conceived when the Navy requested DDA to allot land for an old age home. “If the land was al lotted at approved rates, its cost itself would have made the project unviable. It was then decided to develop a complex for retired government officials in a joint venture,” said a DDA official.

  • The land will now cost Rs 180 crore while DDA will spend Rs 282 crore on the construction.
  • Of the 1,550 apartments, 200 will be given to the Navy and the remaining will be distributed among retired central and state government employees, other armed forces, teaching faculty of government colleges and universities, and DDA employees of certain pay scales.
  • The units will be allotted with lifelong tenancy rights.If the allottee dies, the spouse can use the unit during hisher lifetime.
  •  The allottee will not be allowed to transfer or sell the unit and the ownership will always remain with DDA that will reallot the unit according to the waiting list.
  • The complex will have Metro connectivity and will be completely self-sufficient with retail, recreational and healthcare facilities.
  • It will also have elderly friendly architectural feature,,

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