DDA housing scheme may seem to be in loss by Notebandi

Due to Notebandi the real estate business is in shambles. Specialists in property are saying that prices to lack upto 30 per cent shortage . The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in 2016 on the bad impact of the note bandi as their housing scheme is about to launch. Most of these flats to be allocated under the scheme are those  which has returned in the previous DDA housing scheme of 2014 by allottees.  DDA officials worry lines on the forehead are clearly visible.

DDA is on its preparation for several months Housing Scheme 2016 announcement. In the scheme of 2016 there are  about 13 thousand flats, mostly they will be flat from 2014 housing scheme that have been returned by allottees. The 2014 housing scheme allottees did not show much enthusiasm about the apartment. 25039 Flat was extracted from draw in 2014 , from which 10 653 flats by allottees had returned back.

Officials believed that these steps will be returned because the customer to buy flats in the previous plan, enough people had applied for the purpose of investment. They expected that the five-year ban on selling flats will be removed.

Officials believe that they faced of the surrender of the DDA flats in 2014, Notebandi will find it tough to attract customers in 2016. Since 2016, the housing scheme will have to think anew. First, the scheme before Diwali to declare, but proposed change in rules no decision having the DDA vice-turn it was deferred.

DDA since September board meeting was not abled to be done. Along due to  Notebandi , banks these days are full of the crowd even more, is likely to delay the announcement of the plan.


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