Dairy Farm Yojana – डेयरी फार्म व्यवसाय गाय या भैंस किससे शुरुआत करनी चाहिए

Dairy Farm Yojana

Anyone in India who wants to do professional dairy farming will surely have many basic questions raised in mind. So let us discuss various types of questions related to starting a dairy business in India in this article today.

Dairy Farm – Whom Should I Start with Cow or Buffalo in my Farming?

There is no direct and easy answer to this question and the answer depends on many elements. Generally, you can expect more milk from cows as compared to buffaloes. However, the amount of fat in buffalo milk is twice that of cow’s milk, due to which buffalo milk is available in the local market.

As milking process (दूध निकालने की प्रक्रिया) in case of a cow can be done with an automated machine, but this work is difficult with buffalo. Buffaloes are strong animals and they have more immunity than the cow. When it comes to price, then the cows become cheap compared to buffaloes. The identification of the cow being pregnant is easier than buffaloes. So it depends on your decision that which one you choose? We personally heard many dairy farmers saying that they like buffaloes compared to a cow. However, the final decision is yours, you can choose both and test yourself.

What kind of Buffalo Should be Choosed?

There are very few varieties of buffaloes from which you have to choose. Although there are famous dairy breeds in India, Haryana, Jaffarabad, Murera, Neeli Ravi, Mehsana, Surti and other local breeds.

Which Buffalo is Suitable for Dairy Business?

Most breeds are favorable and it depends on you and includes the cost, milking ability and other managerial elements. Most dairy farmers like Murrah buffalo.

How Much Milk does a Murrah Buffalo Gives?

The quantity of milk depends on investment of fodder and maintenance of buffalo. Anu Murrah Buffalo gives 8 to 18 Litre Mik every day (Morning-Evening).

What is the Cost of a Murrah Buffalo?

Its price varies from one buffalo to another buffalo. However, on average, a Murrah buffalo costs about 60,000 to 90,000, in which the quality of buffaloes matters.

Price of Murrah buffaloes, which give more milk is 2 and 3 lakhs. This kind of buffalo can be bought especially for reproduction.

प्रधान मंत्री योजना की जानकारी के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे

Elements Which Determines the Cost of Murrah Buffaloes

There are certain elements that determine the price of any buffalo (not just Murrah buffalo). The following are the main points which determine the price of buffalo:
– Size and structure of animal
– Ability to give milk daily
– Genetic of buffaloes
– Milking cycle

Milking Cycle (दूध निकलने का चक्र)

The cycle of milk is not something else, but it is a cycle of calf giving birth by buffalo. For example, milking for the second time means that buffalos have given birth to a calf for the second time.

Why Milking Cycle (दूध निकलने का चक्र) is Important?

Preference is given to the second time and third time milking animals in any commercial dairy business. For the first time, milking buffalo may not be favorable because it is towards the adoption of motherhood. However, after the third time milking, buffaloes are treated as old or old age.

How to Identify Milking in Buffaloes?

The information comes from the experience. Generally, the identification of milk for the first time and the third time is easy, but it is difficult to differentiate between the second time milking and the third time milking.

How long do the Buffaloes give Milk in a Year?

Specifically, Murrah buffalo gives milk for 300 days from 250 days.

How many days does the Murrah Buffalo Do Not Gives Milk?

Generally, this period is from 65 days to 100 days. But if you forget the preganancy period, then this period can be very long.

What is Pregnancy Cycle?

This is the time when buffalos are ready to be pregnant once again. Usually, this period is 12 to 24 hours and during this period buffaloes are co-ordinated with a bull or artificial embryo is done.

How to Recognize Time of Pregnancy?

It can be understood from experience. When buffalo is ready for coitus, it removes a different kind of sound and repeatedly pisses.

How Many Days After giving Birth to the Calf Buffalo is Ready for Pregnancy Again?

This can happen after 6 to 7 weeks of giving birth to a calf. Identifying the time of pregnancy and delivery of the buffalo as soon as possible are important elements which determine the success of dairy farm business. This will reduce the time of feeding without feeding for buffaloes, which is also called long dry time (लंबा सूखा).

What is Dry Time (सूखा अवधि)?

It is that time during which the buffalo stops giving milk and is going to give birth to another calf. If you dentify the Pregnancy Time and do the deklivery of the buffalo owithin time then this dry time will be short othreise it will be very long.

Does Buffalo give Milk in the Same Quantity as Milk During the Milking Period?

The answer is no. Total milk production is more important in the entire process of milking. Take one example, after giving a calf, a buffalo gives 12 liters of milk per day and it will start giving 14 liters per day for the third week and after that it gradually decreases to 12 liters and after that it will be stable for a long time And it will stop and slowly stop happening.

How Much Can Earned by Murrah Buffalo in Dairy Farming?

There is no definite answer to this question. However it depends on the ways of Dairy Management.

How Can You Make Profits and Make the Dairy Farm Business a Success?
  • The most important element of being successful in dairy business is interest. Work diligently to succeed in dairy business
  • It is very important to monitor this business so that it can stay connected daily with its activity.
  • Never start this with big capital and start it with one or two animals and understand its challenges and experience in the field of dairy. Once you get involved with this business, then you can expand it on a larger scale.
  • In the beginning, do not put your money in the dairy farm business. When you believe, then you try in commercial dairy farming.
  • To eliminate the cost of fodder, the arrangement of green fodder should arranged at home.
  • For this, you must ensure that you have enough land so that you can cultivate green fodder. Make the preserved fodder from these green fodder to get good milk.
  • Before entering the business dairy farm business, the choice of good quality and well-structured animals is very important.
  • The purchase of thick fodder for animals should purchased at as little as possible.
  • To be a successful dairy farmer, good calf care is important. If the female calf is three years old, it can start giving milk which can reduce the cost of capital.
  • Identify the cycles of pregnancy and in order to eliminate the problem of dry time (stop giving milk) in buffaloes, pregnancy is necessary.
  • Ensure that Animal Doctor does arrive at the farm once in two weeks.
  • To earn more profits in the dairy industry, prepare a good marketing plant to sell milk directly to large customers. With this, the milk storage center will be on your farm and where you can buy large quantities of milk daily.
How to Get Subsidy or Bank Loan for Dairy Industry?

This is a good question. According to the states’ plans, there is subsidy available in the dairy industry. Bank loan is available on behalf of NABARD for dairy plans in India. To understand bank loan qualifications and procedures, contact your local agricultural bank or NABARD office.

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