Wheat will be purchased in Haryana from April 20. check Haryana Mandi List

As per the officail news Punjab and Haryana will begin purchase of the grains from April 15 and 20, respectively.

As per estimatesd by the Agriculture Department wheat has been shown in an area of 24.25 lac hect. & its likely production would be about 114.62 lac MT out of which about 70.00 LMT would be procured on MSP by the procurement agencies

Now the new policy has allowed the procurement from sharecroppers and contract farmers after they on time register under the process.

A total of 1440 sub-centers have been earmarked for the purchase of wheat. List of them all is given at this link. Apart from these, there are already 477 centers in the state. Total 1887 centers will purchase wheat http://dushyantchautala.com/wheat.htm

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