Central Joy Ride Scheme – Enjoy Motor Glider Ride in Just Rs.800

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Central Joy Ride Scheme – Central Government has introduced a new “Central Joy Ride Scheme” to ease the air flight.Under this scheme, people can enjoy a ten minutes ride in 800 rupees. This scheme will be started by the Deputy Chief Minister, Dumka, from where people can enjoy flying with glider. People will get the opportunity to witness Jharkhand’s natural beauty from the sky. Under this scheme, there will be benefits of motor glider ride in just eight hundred rupees and to fly in the air with the glider in three hundred.

Central Joy Ride Scheme
Under the Department of Transportation (Civil Aviation), the branch of gliding section of the Jharkhand Aviation Institute will now be able to enjoy glider flight from Dumka. The state government has issued notification on 9th January to fix the flight fee. With the Gliding Basis located in Dumka, this area of Jharkhand will not only promote tourism but also get government revenue. The government has fixed the charges according to time and distance. Zoo Ride is a new initiative for state and foreign tourists.
Capt. SP Sinha, Director of Flight Operations, Department of Civil Aviation of the Government of Jharkhand said that it will prove to be a golden opportunity for the people of rural and remote areas who have not been able to fly in airplanes for financial reasons. The state government has planned to use the closed air strip in the state. The State Government is providing training of glider pilot for gliding through the Jharkhand Aviation Institute.
Motor Glider Flight Charge under the Joy Ride Scheme
  • Per person fee of Rs 800 per ten minute flight under Dumka
  • Fee of Rs.1000 per person for flying 5 nm from Dumka area
  • 2000 rupees for the Glider Flight Charges for the flight of 10 nm Ariel View from Dumka
  • 300 rupees per person per launch fee for gliding flying under Dumka area
  • 600 rupees per person per launch fee for a 20-minute flight for Glider Sorig from Dumka.

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