Bihar Govt. Announces Free WiFi Service for Education Purpose in State

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Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar announced to provide Free Wifi Service across the state for the education purpose. According to the announcement the facility of free wifi in colleges and universities will be started by the month of February 2017.

The state government has set up some restrictions for the free Wi-Fi to stop the misuse of the free wifi facility.
The government will totally block the porn or pornographic content websites. Moreover, all the sites relating to the porn and the websites do no relate to the education or information will also be completely blocked in this wifi zone.
Also, the limit of the wifi in the campus is being set. Beltron has already begun its work on these issues. According to the Beltron, the free wifi facility will be started in 300 colleges and 9 universities of the state.
Nitish Kumar said that download books from the wifi, not movies.
  • Free wifi facility in Colleges and Universities of the Bihar state by February 2017.
  • Porn Sites will be blocked from the wifi.
  • All the website which does not relate to the education and information will remain block.
  • Data limit will be set in the wifi.
  • Free wifi facility will be provided in 300 colleges and 9 universities of the Bihar State.

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