Bihar Cycle Yojana Gives Wings to Girls – Mukhyamantri Cycle Yojana

On Friday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar by highlighted that the bicycle yojana has given “wings to aspirations of girls”, he said that the scheme has dramatically boosted enrolment of girls in Class IX, which has come almost at par with the boys.

Nitish said that when the bicycle scheme was launched (2006) only 1.7 lakh girls were enrolled in schools across the State in Class IX, which today has risen to 8.15 lakh.

He said that the ratio of enrolment of boys and girls has become almost equal in class IX. He also added that wings to the aspirations of girls to fly high.

He stated that his government does not discriminate among category/caste/class/religion in providing the benefits of any schemes. He said that the bicycle scheme was meant for everybody.

He said that the grand alliance government had fulfilled one out of the ‘seven resolves’ of reserving 35 per cent of vacancies for women in all state government jobs within days of taking oath in November 2015 in addition to reserving 50 per cent of seats in panchayats and urban local bodies for women.

Mr. Kumar is on his ‘Nishchay yatra’ since November last year in course of which he takes feedback on liquor ban and implementation of his ‘seven resolves’ which promise to provide electricity, toilet, drinking water and sewage facilities among others to every household in the next four-year term of the government.

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Including the advantages of Public Grievance Redressal Act, 2016, CM dwelt on all other programs as part of the seven resolves accompanied by state Water Resources Minister Rajiv Ranjan Singh Lallan, Development Commissioner Shishir Sinha and a host of MPs and MLAs and district chiefs of JD(U), RJD and Congress.
Mr. Kumar talked elaborately on prohibition, which is in force in the state since April last year and highlighted its positive outcome in terms of the transformation of the environment at home and localities. The CM exhorted people to participate in the mammoth human chain tomorrow to reaffirm commitment towards prohibition and said the human chain would affirm that the entire state was in favor of the ban on alcohol.

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