Bhagya Laxmi Yojana Uttar Pradesh – A Financial Assistance Scheme for Girls in UP


Bhagya Laxmi Yojana: Uttar Pradesh Government has launched a new scheme named Bhagya Laxmi Yojana for girls. Under this scheme, the state government will give financial assistance to the girls in the state. This is a wealfare scheme which is specially launched for girls by the state government of UP. This scheme will help the poor families girls to get their study and good health. 

Objective of Bhagya Laxmi Yojana Uttar Pradesh

The state government of Uttar Pradesh has launched this scheme with objective to provide financial help to the girls who belong to the poor family. According to the scheme, the government will provide an amount of Rs. 50,000/- at the different stages from the birth of girls. This amount will be given in different installments. This financial amount will be given to the only poor family girls. With the help of this financial assistance the girls will get their education properly and it will also encourage the poor families to take care of girls and their health. This scheme is launched the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in June 2017. The implementation process of the scheme will be done by the Women Welfare Department.

Benefits of Bhagya Laxmi Yojana

  • Under this scheme, a bond of Rs.50000/- will be issued by the Uttar Pradesh Government at the time of birth of the girl child in the poor family.
  • According to the scheme, this financial amount will given in the form of different installments to the girls.
  • When girl will get admission in the 6th class that time she will receive an amount of Rs. 3000/-
  • After that when she will promoted in to the 10th class than she will receive an amount of Rs. 7000/-
  • The amount of Rs. 8000/- will be given when she will reached in 12the class.
  • The final installment of Rs. 32,000/- will be given to the girl when she will get admission in collage for graduation.

How to Apply for Bhagya Laxmi Yojana

  • Those applicant can apply for this scheme who has daughter in the family. In order to provide the benefit of  this scheme, the government has made the easy applying process.
  • The applicant can obtained the application form from the Tahsil and the application form will also be submitted at the same place.
  • The government will also start the online registration process of this scheme where the applicants can easily apply for this scheme through the online mode.

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