Ayushman Bharat yojna – National Health Protection Scheme

Ayushman Bharat yojna

The Central Government proclaim to start ‘Ayushman Bharat yojna‘ under the 2018-19 financial year. Through this schemes, everyone will get health benefits. By This ambitious National Health Protection Scheme – आयुष्मान भारत योजना every year 10 crore poor family will avail benefit and they will also get 5-5 lac’s health Insurance cover. For this schemes Government announced 2000 crore rupees give away among needy and poor family. This scheme has taken place of 2008’s health insurance schemes where every year 30000 rupees was given to Poverty line’s families.

How to Make Success Modicare Scheme.

This scheme is being given “Modicare “name. American President Barack Obama had started health Insurance policies in 2010 for 2.50 crore American families. But Modi announced Ayushman schemes for 10 crore families. its mean 40 percentage population would cover this schemes. Now major question is that how will government manage the bulk amount of money for the scheme. But Government thinks that money would come through increased ses, in Health and Education, will use in this scheme. The estimated value of increased ses many, 11000 crores would come to the government fund for the scheme.

Ayushman Bharat Yojna Cashless Scheme

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said about this scheme that it would be totally cashless and based on trust model or insurance model. He dismissed vintage statement where said that ” poor will have to paid at the time of treatment and after he can claim”. Finance Minister Cleared that cause of amiss in the Reimburse system, this would be properly cashless.It means whose are ill under the Ayushman Yojna, they need no pay a single penny to hospital. Government will pay against them 5 lac,s treatment compensation

What do You Need to Do in the Hospital?

After Admit into Hospital, Patient will have to give their Insurance documents so that hospital could inform the insurance company and after verification of document, treatment would be started.(NOTE: The facility of medical insurance is available in the private hospitals through this process.)

When will the Plan Come into Force?

The finance minister told that this scheme would impose in new Finance year 1 April 2018.
some time ago government’s officials were saying that this scheme would impose 15 August or 2 October. The online registration facility will also available in this scheme.

Where’s the Treatment?

Under this schemes patient can treatment not only government hospital but also the private hospital. Private hospitals have started to connect with this scheme. Here another benefit will come to private hospitals because the massive crowd of the patient often go to government hospitals but through this schemes, people will start to go in privates hospital hence that is conducive to privates hospital. Furthermore, this schemes will decrease the load of government hospitals.

What will be the premium?

At the movement, experts estimation is that, provide the benefit of 50 crore peoples. then the per capita premium can be 40 rupees. But unless the list of insurance companies comes to the end, nothing can be said clearly about it.

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How will Selection Be?

Selection of 10 crore families will be based on 2011 census.
The list is being prepared base on Aadhar number
after complete list, there don’t need to another proof.

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