Atal Pension Scheme – Now APY Members Can View their Online Accounts

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Online Statement (E-ST) and e-PRAN card have been launched for the Atal Pension Scheme, which will benefit more than 45 lakh members. Members of the Atal Pension Scheme can also track their account transactions online through this scheme. The Finance Ministry has launched this facility to increase the skills of digital marketing and to give better quality to the scheme.

According to the information received officially, e-SMS and e-pran service have been launched to digitally empower the members of this scheme and improve quality. For the use of this service, its members will have to go to the websites associated with it and give the details of the scheme on the basis of the Atal Pension Scheme, Account Number Details and Savings Account Number. Apart from this, the members who do not have APY-PRAN. They can avail of this facility through their date of birth and savings account. Apart from this, members can get information about the online transaction, pension start date, the name of the nominee and associated bank.

The APY scheme was launched in May 2015, which is being made available throughout the country through 235 service providers. More than 45 lakh members have joined this scheme. Also, 10 to 15 thousand members are joining this scheme every day. Any citizen of 18-45 years can join this pension scheme. After 60 years, the pension up to Rs.1 thousand to 5 thousand rupees will be calculated according to the contribution made every month. Apart from this, the nominee gets the same amount after the death of pensioner and his wife.

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