Rajasthan Adarsh Madarsa Yojana | Education & Facilities to Madarsa Students

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Rajasthan Adarsh Madarsa Yojana – The Rajasthan Government of Rajasthan has come up with a new scheme for the modernization of madarsas in the state named ‘Adarsh Madarsa Yojana (AMY)’.The Hon’bleChief Minister & Finance Minister of Rajasthan Smt. Vasundhara Raj launched this scheme. The main motive of the state government behind launching this scheme is to modernize the madarsas and providing quality education and facilities to Muslim students studying in them. 

Rajasthan Adarsh Madarsa Yojana

For this scheme, the state government will sanction a total amount of Rs. 25 crores out of which 11 crores are already sanctioned and will be utilized for the purchase of teaching and study material. The state government will benefit 500 madarsas in the state. Through this scheme, the state government will develop these Madrasas and smart classrooms facilities will be provided under this scheme.

In Rajasthan, there are a total number of 3,232 madarsas are registered in the State Madarsa Board. In these madrasas, a total number of 2.35 lakh students are currently studying. Of the total Madrasas, for the scheme, the selection of Madarsas will be based on the certain criteria the scheme.

Rajasthan Adarsh Madarsa Yojana – Eligibility Criteria
  • Madrasas registered under the Rajasthan Madrasa Board
  • Madrasas who are properties of WAQF Boards
Rajasthan Adarsh Madarsa Yojana – Benefits
  • Benefits of fund for modernization
  • Benefits of smart with e-learning and online teaching through computers in Madrasas
  • The state government will provide teaching and learning materials such charts, math kits, globes and sports equipment and furniture
  • Madrasas will also be provided water and sanitation facilities
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