Aarogya Path Portal| National Healthcare Supply Chain Information Platform launched by CSIR|www.aarogyapath.in

Hello friends, CSIR launches Aarogya Path Portal at www.aarogyapath.in, National Healthcare Supply Chain Information Platform, this is an one stop solution to health care needs. This portal has been launched for fight with COVID 19.

Aarogya Path Portal:

Friend you can go through the portal by using the link www.aarogyapath.in this portal has been launched by CSIR India with the purpose as it would be the one-stop supply chain solution for all your healthcare needs.

In this Aarogya path, all needed thigh has been included as PPE, Medical equipment, drugs, diagnostic kits, auxiliary supplies among others. The vision of AarogyaPath activity is to arrange data for the executives and determining the information stage at the national level. It will catch request and flexibly situations for key social insurance things which are essential for national needs.

Aarogya Path Portal is fundamental to handle current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic circumstance just as future typical and plague situations. Check how this Aarogya Path stage will help medicinal services clients/facilitators and give consistent access to producers/providers/shippers.

The possibility of the advancement of AarogyaPath data entrance is to give way which prompts an excursion towards Aarogya (solid life).

Aarogya Path platform will use unique capabilities of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The 24*7 availability of competitive to create business opportunities will be helpful in handling COVID-19 like pandemics. People can now access the new CSIR Aarogya Path website through the link given below:-https://www.aarogyapath.in/

Aarogya Path Portal to Benefit Healthcare Users / Facilitators

The AarogyaPath public platform will help healthcare users / facilitators such as:-
A) Hospitals.
B) Pathology Laboratories.
C) Research Institutes.
D) Medical Colleges.
E) Individual Patients.

Information to Suppliers/ Manufacturers/ Importers on Healthcare Needs & Demands

Dear Reader, this will provide information about existing demands for traditional healthcare desideratum. This portal will also provide ideal access to Suppliers/ Manufacturers/ Importers on prevailing needs and demands for:-
1) Medical Equipment.
2) Diagnostic instruments and accessories.
3) Drugs and pharmaceuticals.
4) Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).
5) Respiratory Assistance Devices.
6) Prosthetics and Orthotics.
7) Apparel / Textiles.
8) Primary Medical Supplies.
9) Everything else needed for primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare.

Through this portal, anticipated shortages can be addressed and met at the national level so that any national pandemic situation can be effectively handled.

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